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Kids and drugs

Should kids be able to use medications for different disorders (i.e, ADD, ADHD)


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If the drug has been shown to be safe for use by children of that age, and if it has been prescribed by a qualified doctor, there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to take medication to assist them with a mental condition.

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Yes and no.

ADD/ADHD can easily be subdoed.

Sometimes its an excuse for a teacher who just isn't good at teaching, thats why a lot of them recommend it for "troublesome" children.

Hey, I have a bad OCD problem and I learned to control it.

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The kids should be disciplined from home and school. Drugs are just taking the parenting away. It's giving poor upbringing an excuse and putting the blame on doctors and nurses.

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No the drugs have chemicals in them even if they are perscribed by a doctor. Doctors probably dont know anything about them, they probably only know the good affects, not the bad affects. Indian medicine is natural and it is good for healing. There should only be Indian medicine not pills or someting like that.

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I'm pretty sure doctors know the good and bad effects of the medicine. Usually by law they are required to tell you.

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Kids are being drugged legally too much today. Those drugs have a negative effect on them.

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