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These people are evil The left needs help
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Kids on youtube and IG Live snitching on their liberal parents grooming them

These people are evil

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The left needs help

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Kids on youtube and IG Live snitching on their liberal parents grooming them


To think liberal heterosexual couples are grooming their children to be homosexual, is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

But, you've got ONE GUY who says it's so. Therefore, it must be true.. Amirit??

Dude! When are you gonna get off this stupid one person shit?


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Well, it cannot be accurately determined now widespread these woke witchcraft practices are but the children shown in the video should be removed from these monsters forthwith.

The kid in the video seems well able to fight his own corner, but as we must assume that this is not an isolated case, there will be many less assertive children who will reluctantly abide by their parent's instructions.


''Honour thy father and mother that thy days upon this land which the Lord God giveth thee may be long.''

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gorenbk(1) Disputed
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This isn’t a religious debate. We want a fair debate, not one that only applies to a few religions, but is an argument that doesn’t even apply to all.

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Norwich(1543) Disputed
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The fifth commandment could, and almost certainly would affect the response of many children to their parent's woke motivated attempts to indoctrinate them into accepting deviant sexuality as being normal.

In this context my reference to the Christian scriptures is very applicable.

If you disagree that's fine.


So far all you have done is express disapproval at my contribution to the thread while failing to submit your own viewpoint for critical review.

Try approaching this topic independently by expressing your angle openly and in a solitary state.

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Is teaching the same as indoctrinating??


Some people believe that if they mention homosexuality to their children, their children will grow up gay..

In other words, can you teach about the suicide of 650 people in Jonestown WITHOUT teaching that killing yourself is good?? I think you CAN.


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