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Kinect vs Move

Ever since Nintendo created the Wii, Microsoft and Sony have been trying to come up with a new and better motion-controlled device. Now they have the Xbox Kinect and the PlayStation Move. One requires no hands but is innacurate, while the the other one requires controllers but is a lot more accurate. Although, the other one, the Move, some people may see it as a copycat of the Wii.


You decide which one is better!!! Tongue out


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If you're going to have a feature based off of movement or freedom, it's most favorable to remove any tethers such as a controller or wand or wiimote or whatever. If the kinect can be strengthened in function, imagine what will come out of it's coupling with the rise of 3D television.

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Move is just a rip-off from the Wii remote. Kinect is actually a step-up from both.

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Kinect Is definitely better than move. With the Move you need to use a controller, but with the Kinect you are the controller. can you drink something while playing the Move without sitting the controllers down? NO!!!

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kinect opens a world of possibilites. not to mention the apps with kinect, not just games. (videokinect, zune, avatar kinect coming soon)

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I'm pretty neutral, but if you're going for accuracy, I'd say the Move would be the better option...

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