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LGBTQ Rights

To what extent do you believe that gays are born that way, or choose their lifestyle.
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I think people like what the like, it just happens. I like broccoli, but I don't like lima beans. Why? It just happened.

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Would people make a choice to be in a group that is discriminated against if they weren't born that way?

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The lifestyle is a choice, the urge to live that lifestyle is involuntary and a combination of genes and childhood.

I don't think homosexuality is a lifestyle, it's simply a sexual preference. I don't think it's something they choose to be or choose to live by.

I don't think you're born with it either, I may be wrong though. I believe that preferences of any kind develop in early childhood.

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Some people like tall girls, others like strong men. I actually find it bizarre to label sexual preference. We don't label men who love blond women or women who like skinny men.

If we believe that sexual preference is innate, then all our preferences are innate and could be passed on.

I believe that our preferences are formed early in our lives by experience.

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The Progressive / Leftists are all about science so they should have some scientific data for their claim that the boys are " Sword Swallower's " and the girls are "Carpet Muncher's !