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LOST - WTF was it about

Please explain what you think the LOST series was about

It has deep deep meaning

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I enjoyed the first two seasons...then somewhere between the second half of season three and the beginning of season four, I started to question whether or not continuing to watch it was the best use of my free time. I continued suffering along right through season five (at my wife's behest), but after the first episode or two of season six, I just couldn't take it anymore and told my wife I was out. She agreed that the story had deteriorated into meaningless nonsense, but stuck it out. In the end, we had a similar understanding of the story.

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First, the Oceanic Six, which were Jack, Kate, Syaid, Hurley, Sun and Aaron were candidates hand picked by Jacob, who is the protector of the island from the Black Smoke, who was remained unnamed.

Second, the people on Oceanic 815 did survive, but in the end, they were all dead, but not all at once, but over time, and it was a matter of time before they realized that they were dead, and Jack was the last one of the survivors to understand what happened, and that nobody dies alone.

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