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Yes Late Abortion is murder Late abortion is not murder
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Late term abortion supported by the left is murder yes or no?

This is a burning question in my mind fueled by the most recent push by the left to legalize Late term abortion to up to 40 weeks! It absolutely amazes me that they could even remotely consider this as moral! What it is essentially in my opinion is plain and simple murdering of babies.

Yes Late Abortion is murder

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Late abortion is not murder

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Resounding yes! The fact that leftist Dems talk about this new bill that would allow abortion up to 40 weeks of pregnancy and then support it like it would be such a great accomplishment is thoroughly disgusting! at 40 weeks of pregnancy that is UP TO DAY OF BIRTH that would allow an abortion to take place. TELL ME THIS what is the difference between a 40 week fully developed baby whether it is inside the vaginal canal or has been birthed? The answer is THEIR IS NO DIFFERENCE! At that point in the pregnancy they are both developed babies that can feel pain, emotions, touch etc. etc. Try to defend the other side...…..I dare you

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