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No citizen no matter Slept with Stormy get a torch
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Left doesn't want to know if you're a citizen but if you slept with pornstars

According to leftist priests, I can ask you your favorite sex position, what kind of toys you like, how big your boobs are, how many men or women you have been with, what your fetishes are etc, but what I cannot morally and ethically do is ...ask if you are a citizen.....

No citizen no matter

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Slept with Stormy get a torch

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At this point the whole story with the porn star seems to be a "sore loser" move from the left, unless they arrive to present the story in such a way that it would dissuade the "ultra christian" faction inside the republican party to not vote for Trump again, but I sincerely doubt it.

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I just....genuinely don't care who he slept with as long as she wasn't a minor. Just like I didn't care about who Clinton slept with....the only time I started caring is when he started turning the courts into a circus show. If he just owned it instead of saying "what is your definition of...." BS it should have just been a matter between him and his wife. Who Trump slept with should be a matter between him and his wife as well....again so long as it's in she wasn't a minor.

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Regarding the census, I actually think it's a completely appropriate question for a government doing a census of its population to try to figure out how much of its population isn't citizens. Objecting to that is silly and the act of objecting hints more at something to hide than of protecting classes of people. And besides, the census is still completely voluntary in your answers. You can not answer it, or you can lie. If non-citizens want to remain hidden that's all they'd have to do.

As for the porn star matter, I agree it's up to consenting adults what they do with each other. But in this case how a President comports himself in the aftermath, whether it be lies, threats, gag orders, etc, is completely relevant when that President's team is already under close scrutiny for whether or not obstruction of justice has been in play.

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