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Left says ANTIFA isn't violent. Andy Gno brings the receipts

Democratic senators deny existence of Antifa violence, but Andy Ngo brings receipts

After more than two months of unrest and drastic crime increases in America's major cities, witnesses were called before Senate to discuss what's actually happening.

Receipts baby

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Side Score: 1

Andy Gno brings the receipts

Lol. Oh, the fascist got a milkshake over his head? Boo hoo. Lol. So priceless the way you idiots demand perpetual victimhood on the one hand, while on the other you're lying, cheating scumbags who killed a million people in Iraq. Raging hypocrisy seems to be almost a form of currency among Republicans, doesn't it?

Tell you what. Let's have a quick read about this poor victim of yours, Andy Ngo.

Portland’s Andy Ngo Is the Most Dangerous Grifter in America

Far-right forces will converge on Portland tomorrow, incited by the right-wing provocateur Andy Ngo. Though he poses as a journalist, the purpose of his platform is to sow harassment and violence against his targets on the Left

One political organizer in Portland who has received death threats stemming from Ngo’s work says, “It’s an arms race for money, and the narrative isn’t the point — the grift is. The larger, more offensive thing you can do, the system rewards it.”

This appears to be Ngo’s model. He uses social media to push biased opinions in conjunction with selectively edited videos that play to the bigotry of his audience. His followers get worked up, and this is often followed by a deluge of threats against his subject.

Ah, so not a victim then. A paid extreme far right shill who goes out to protests with the solitary purpose of provoking left wing activists. I see you've left that part out. Good one. I would have left it out too.


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