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This is super fake Not a word is reality
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Left wing media propaganda has you in a fake, North Korea level reality

This is super fake

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Not a word is reality

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Yet which side invaded the capitol on the grounds that "the election was stolen?"

I can't believe I'm even entertaining this debate. It's just so stupid.

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The combination of the Democrat dirty tricks department and the mainstream left wing media Juggernaut have really run roughshod over Donald Trump and some 70 million of his supporters.

Now watch as the coven of witches in the guise of A.O.C., Pelosi and Harris bully that frail old man Biden into turning the nation into a radical leftist State fit only for illegal immigrants and non-whites.

Already these leftist witches are doing exactly what they criticized Trump for doing, i. e., Pelosi bullying the non-leftist press and threatening not to acknowledge them if they persisted in asking awkward questions as well as lying about her blocking of Trump's covid-19 relief fund in order to finance Biden's Presidential campaign expenses.

They've got Capitol Hill, the Senate and the press all in their back pocket.

The American political landscape is going to look like a post nuclear holocaust in four years time.

(((((((((Hallelujah brother- Hallelujah)))))))))))))).

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The Dem's hate filled leftist contingent have it in the bag and all sewn up.

Grandpa Biden who goes around with his permanent banal smirk on his cream saturated face doesn't seem to know what day of the week it is and all the while he's being prodded and poked by his sorceress cronies to introduce ever more job destroying left wing policies.

Biden stated;- ''America is back''. Diplomacy has returned''.

That means our trading partners are shouting YIPEEE as they know they can walk all over us again, Iran, North Korea and 'the likes' will be rubbing their hands in glee as they wave bye-bye to hard man Trump and say hi to SOFT TOUCH BIDEN.

Hey, grandad, place your rocking chair out in the porch, don your slippers and sit smoking your pipe as you reminisce about the good old, bad old days.

Keep an eye on your prostrate and kidney functions.


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It's obviously not as "fake" as the Trmp / Kim love affair. Now THAT was funny .... if it weren't so dangerous! ;-)

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Mongele(486) Clarified
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Well, maybe not, but Biden has a long way to go to catch up with Trump.

The point that TimCast was making was that everything Trump did was met with instant and robotic hysterical furore from the the usual left-wing media publishers and broadcasters.

Whereas if Biden scratches his ass it's heralded as a monumental political achievement and a milestone in the history of American politics.

Because I care about America and what it stands for is why I fear that the frightening and irrational hatred the coven of witches hold for Trump will result in the most tremendous backlash from the more militant sections of Trump's supporters.

The three witches are only concerned with continuing to boost their already over inflated egos and satisfying their madcap leftist agenda.

They, and to a lesser extent grandad Biden are the best recruiting agents for the Proud-Boys Neo-Nazi fascists imaginable.

Pelosi unashamedly stood up at a news conference and defiantly declared that she had blocked Trump's covid-19 relief fund and any further questions on this matter would not be answered.

Such conduct from Trump would have seen him accused of smothering freedom of the press and gagging free speech.

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AlofRI(3244) Clarified
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It seems the majority of Americans do not agree with you. 'Nuff said.

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