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Leftism and dating apps have given the dominant men a monopoly on women


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Actually, taking this topic seriously. Access to these apps has given women a larger pool of men to work with, while younger men in their same demographic. Are stuck trying to compete in these same workings.

A woman with access to a 30+ year old man, with a full career, home, and car. Is less likely to choose the 20-25 year old man, who is stuck living in the college dorm.

I'd also argue that leftism has nothing to do with any of this.

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This all ties in with how nature intended things to be and is confirmed by the Lord God, through his son Jesus Christ choosing twelve MEN to be his disciples.

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While leftist ideologies and dating apps may influence dating dynamics, attributing a monopoly of women to dominant men oversimplifies a complex issue. Addressing gender inequality requires multifaceted approaches that challenge societal norms, promote empowerment, and foster respectful relationships based on mutual consent and agency for all individuals involved.

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It seems to me that dating sites and apps are saving the day on this issue. Do any of you use dating sites at all? How effective are they for you and how much can this relationship format grow into real feelings and relationships? I've been using for a year now and have made quite a few acquaintances. I even had a few crushes. but I was afraid to take the next step.....

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Hi Bronto.

You must get this idea out of your head that the Nazis are the dominant species. The liberals and the Communists killed them all.

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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
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In that, for some reason we traded Nazis for Pedophiles, and rapist...

Yeah, I don't see much of a net gain here.

We should've just gotten rid of them altogether.

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Mongele(643) Clarified
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Nomshit and his Nazis.

Hey Nomshit & Co., there's a Nazi paedophile under your child's bed.

Roars of laughter.

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