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 Leftist are Polar Bears Racist - Remember they are White (12)

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Leftist are Polar Bears Racist - Remember they are White

Polar bears will attack humans when bears feel threatened by the human presence. It happens when humans get close to the bear’s habitat. Polar bears might maul if they are hungry or when the mother bear is with her cubs. She will not tolerate any suspected predator near her cubs.
In the year 2010 a polar bear attacked one of the explorers at his camp in Svalbard, Norway. The arctic’s apex predator pulled the 22-year-old Sebastian Nilssen from his camp and dragged him 130 feet along the ice. The other camper Fjeld shot the bear and the Nilssen’s life was saved. He suffered major injuries on his chest and head.

The White Predator is a Bad Ass Predator 
Do you Dumb Leftists get it? 

do polar bears attack humans?

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Do you realize just how mentally unbalanced you are using such a human tragedy to try to make some bizarre political/racial point?

Chinaman(3570) Disputed
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You are a DIPSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POLAR BEARS are WHITE have you missed something you FUCKIN IDIOT LEFTIST??

Bizarre RADICAL POINT ? You DIPSHIT the POLAR BEAR is WHITE can you not deal with facts you FUCKIN IDIOT ??????????????

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You Little Leftists are really confused about a WHITE BEAR but your to goddamn STUPID to understand the animal LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On December 8, 1990 a polar bear attacked 28-year-old Carl Stalker who was walking with her girlfriend in Point Lay, Alaska. The bear killed Carl and started eating him. Authorities killed the bear immediately at the same place where the Carl died.

Leftist was that POLAR BEAR white in color ? You fuckin IDIOTS should know if the POLAR BEAR was WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO

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Looks like the POLAR BEAR that is WHITE likes a WHITE WOMAN with BIG TITS

What you Little Leftist think ????????????????????? ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so um i cant believe im saying this but arent republicans also white? so like whats the point here most republicans and leftist are white?

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What are you blabbering about, Outlaw? You sound like a 55 year old Chinese meth addict.

Chinaman(3570) Disputed
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The POLAR BEAR is WHITE you FUCKIN IDIOT you must listen to way too much CNN and MSLSD

Best get with the program you GODDAMN IDIOT or is it you just lie to yourself because you don't have the FUCKIN ABILITY to understand any GODDAMN THING

Another-Alt(237) Disputed
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White like the meth you buy regularly from Jimmy Chang?