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 Leftist say walls don't work - A lot of confusion there (15)

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Leftist say walls don't work - A lot of confusion there

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So are you crazy Leftist still believing the words that you spew or have those words become a real struggle for the pea size mass that equals 3 pounds! 
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Leftist struggling with a pea size mass really need to have that checked out and make sure that it is not causing them any medical issues

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There is a gun tower sitting on top of the wall

I do wonder what that is all about

Any of you Crazy Karen's on the Left have a answer for that now whatever answer you confused Dummies have will be very entertaining

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Anyone want to translate what this crazy Yankee doodle is on about today?

Chinaman(3570) Disputed
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Hay dummy you got a brain upstairs ?????????

Your 4 second retention time is failing you in some kinda way

Have you forgotten about all the wailing the Leftist did about how walls didn't work?

Do share what you seem to have forgotten about when it comes to walls

You have the floor now so please do your best to stay on topic

Atrag(5666) Clarified
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I'm not so fascinated my leftists are you are. Walls work sometimes, sometimes they don't. I have no idea where that watchtower is... is it the one in the prison that Trumpy pants will be put in? Because there they really do work. Largely because they are manned at a high rate per km.

Chinaman(3570) Disputed
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Does your pea size mass not weigh 3 pounds?

Now if it does not that means you don't have one so the ball is in your court

Are we to suspect that you have no return serve?

Atrag(5666) Disputed
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It weights much more than that. If yours only weights 3 pounds, and you can actually put it in a scale to weigh it, my I suggest youre weighing the shit that comes out after your super-size all American meals and mistaking it for your brain?