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 Leftist stop worrying about the Tanks in D.C. !!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!! (38)

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Leftist stop worrying about the Tanks in D.C. !!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!

All the Leftist can do is whine and cry about the 4th of July celebration !!!!!!!!!
Are all the Leftist in America cowering in a corner somewhere because they are scared of the world that surrounds them ? LMAO ! 
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My American cousins have put on a most impressive parade in Washington D.C., but it will be, as usual surpassed by the 12th of July parade in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Check it out on YouTube.

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Right now we have a near Chernobyl-level style blow up over tanks and armored vehicles being part of the Fourth of July festivities.

Robert Reich a good Leftist wrote this !

This is profoundly disturbing

ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

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Obama always made everything about himself. He campaigned endlessly without being criticized. We’re not a banana republic. We’re not the oldest democracy. We’re also not a democracy, but a representative republic and it’s a tank. Get over it.

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Tbh: this is less anyone genuinely worried about tanks, and more conservatives pretending that people are worried about tanks so they can go on a rabid outrage party.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Have you failed to check with LEFTIST MEDIA ? Do so then get back to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramshutu(226) Disputed
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Why yes I have.

I see a lot of general complaints that it’s a dumb attempt to hijack an apolitical event to celebrate himself - which it is; one or two reports about generals not being happy about it - and one report about the park service worrying about whether 30+ tonne tanks may damage the mall...

But nothing worry about tanks.

Not like, for example - the entire Republican Party nut job bass collectively losing their shit thinking Obama was about to invoke martial law during Jade belm.

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Hmm; the only think that article seems to mention in relation to being worried about tanks, is some residents being concerned about 100,000 lb tanks damaging the roads. The rest of it was pretty much as I had listed a few posts ago.

If you look back a few posts - I mentioned the specific point about tanks already.

This isn’t quite what I would call being “worried about tanks” in the way you presented it.

It seems that you were deliberately being hyperbolic, right? No one is really that worried about tanks.

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It's NOT the TANKS the left wing is worried about, it's the standing in the world that the "Tank Man" is trying to create …. of a U.S. authoritarian "leader", and THAT SHOULD worry the WORLD!

C'mon now! Obama just mentioned on an open mike that he "COULD" be more flexible after the election, THAT to Medvedev. (And he was attacked for THAT)! Trump has been even MORE "flexible", even "loving" to the dictator that threw Medvedev out for even THINKING "flexibility"! But, that's okay …. Obama didn't have the brotherly "relationship" that Putin/Trump have. The joining of rUsSiAas a "couple" can go MUCH smoother with Trump-in-charge-as-second-in-command. :-( NO! It's NOT the "tanks" we leftists are worried about ………… It's the rightists playing X-Box games with them! :-(