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 Legalizing gay marriage will force the churches to marry gays? (5)

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Legalizing gay marriage will force the churches to marry gays?

Call me stupid, but I had an epiphany about an oppositional argument to legalizing same-sex marriage. The common oppositional argument: "Legalizing gay marriage will force the (usually "Christian" is attachted in here) churches to marry gays." I never understood it, I never understood where that thought would even come from except from a paranoid mind. But now I realize there might be another reason for this statement.
Now, this is a sincere question to those who DO argue and believe that oppositional argument:

Are you unaware that more than churches of your religion can officiate and marry people? There are clergy of various religions who can, along with secular marriage officiants who have the ability to officiate a marriage. And all these marriage officiants are not required to accept marrying you, they decide whether or not they want to marry you (usually a "no" answer is due to a busy schedule or traveling issues).

Was this unknown to you? Does it change your opinion?

And more importantly, was this information known to you and yet you still believe this argument? Why so?


Please, only sincere, civil debate here. I want people to feel comfortable as this is already a view being challenged.

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I always assumed that gay people wanted to get married at city hall. They can't get married in a church; they know this and probably aren't expecting it to change anytime soon.

It is now 2015 and the Supreme Court has declared Gay Marriage to be the law of the land, however, Churches cannot be forced to conduct Same-Sex Marriages.

The freedom to believe what you want is just as important as the freedom to marry.

Churches shouldn't be forced to marry anyone - christians shouldn't stand in the way of same-sex couple marrying, and same-sex couples shouldn't demand being married in a church.

Believe what you want, live how you want, but stop provoking one another.

We need to meet halfway - I say same-sex couples can get married, and they will do it outside the church, then everybody should be happy.

Unless of course the pastor is WILLING to marry same-sex couples, then I see no reason why they shouldn't get married in a church.

One could also make a church, where they would marry anybody, despite what set of genitals they have.

I already knew this. And I always found it to be laughable that the religious fanatics who though claim homosexuality is a sin, thought that gay people would even want to get married in a place where everyone hates them.

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No, legalizing gay marriage will not force churches to marry gays. Most gay couples will be more inclined to look for civil marriage unions.