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Less students say the pledge everyday in school why do you think this happens?

In most schools they say the pledge and the students are suppose to do this every morning. Less and less people to this every morning why do you think this happens?  (This is in the United States I  should have said that before)

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Because it probably is wrong to get children to make any kind of pledge, especially one they can barely understand.

I think 11wolf is specifically talking about the United States pledge. Sometimes people here (including myself in the past) forget that this site isn't just exclusive to the U.S.

Elvira(3446) Clarified
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Which children probably can't understand, (I do know which pledge they're talking about).

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Most people in my high school don't really say it, and I think it's because of the "Under God" part.

I still say it everyday when I go to school. I remember last year in my 1st period class, there would be announcements and at the end of the announcements you could say the pledge and my teacher said to the class you can say the pledge if you want, but you don't have to. And for the whole year last year, I was the only person that said the pledge in that classroom.

Lack of interest, lack of need, increasing numbers of people upset or uncomfortable with the "Under God" addition, better things to spend time on in schools.

Better question is why do we still do this anachronistic jingoist indoctrination any way.

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Better question is why do we still do this anachronistic jingoist indoctrination any way.

If we stop when will you ever get to use the words anachronistic and jingoist?

I'm a clever Mucka. I'll find a way. I mean, Fox News would still exist (and likely going to arms about the abolishing of the pledge), right? Plenty of room for those words over there.

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One kid stops saying it because they don't see any reason to.

Other kids notice that the kid isn't saying it so they stop.

And so on and so forth.

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Nationalism is dying out maybe.

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I myself, detested the idea of pledging. I myself would never allow myself to conform to the idea of a flag hold symbolism in pride etc. I myself will only pledge to humanity itself, and if there were only one flag dedication to us.

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I stopped doing it in middle school when I realized one day that I had been saying something EVERY day with no meaning or understanding to it. I did still, out of respect, stand with everyone else.

I handle prayers pretty much the same way.

The Liberal so called progressive movement is the reason. Liberals have disdain for America and for any mention of God. They hate any pledge that lifts it up and have been trying to censor it from our schools. This is fact! They always find examples of what they are not proud of in America rather than speaking out on all the wonderful things America does for this world. No nation is perfect but patriotic citizens speak out for the good of their nation and work to improve the bad. As a parent do you constantly speak out on the bad in your kids or do you more often lift up their good sides? Were it not for America this world would be run by dictators ruling over the people with an iron fist.