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Let left wing cities police themselves Mad Max style with no police

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Unfortunately that seems to be the way that some of these cities are going to be headed.

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The liberal fools are well on the way to accomplishing their own downfall, but in doing so they're dragging the rest of the nation with them.

As city after city succumbs to the cancer of loony-leftism so the bed-rock upon which the U.S.A., was founded is crumbling around us.

The sane and unifying speeches of Martin Luther King and inspirational leadership qualities of John Kennedy and Barack Obama have given way to the irrational rants of O.A.C., Nancy Pelosi and the incoherent rabbling's of Joe Biden.


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This is right-wing propaganda. There are a very few liberals who feel that way, but, NOWHERE NEAR enough to pass anything of the sort!

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DrChamberlin(101) Clarified
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You seem to have forgotten that many of these same cities have allowed activist to completely barricade themselves from the other functions of the city, which includes police protection. The falls into the same distinction of the Seattle CHAZ (autonomous zone), and what happened when they erected barricades around George Floyd square.

Both of those instances ended with multiple people being gravely injured, businesses being either permanently close or even extorted by the activists, and several people being killed. While police/EMS were not allowed to enter these same areas to provide assistance.


It becoming apparent that if these activist wanted to just wholesale slaughter anyone that they wanted. The authorities would most likely let them do as they pleased, while the media would run their usual defense of the rioters. Until a form of critical mass was reached, that is.

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Amarel(5551) Clarified
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Sometimes those very few liberals make up a majority of a city council. See Minneapolis.

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