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Let me show you: The Mandate

Now, this isn't advertising to get the members of CD to pour all their money on this game (as it's actually finished it's Kickstarter session, and got over 200K over it's goal, which is amazing). I do however, want to advertize the game, because I've been following it's progress since pretty close to it's inception, and god, it looks absolutely amazing.

What the game is, is a AAA sci-fi RPG game. I'm not gonna describe it too much, because the Kickstarter page tons to tell what it's about. The page has an enormous amount of gorgeous concept art, and over 1.5K years of the universe's lore. It has an interactive prolouge, a ship builder, and a text adventure. And hell, they even got David Bradley as a voice actor in the game.

I geniunely don't think it's too much to ask to just look over the Kickstarter page, and sure if you're interested in it. And if you are, follow the game, and if you can, buy the game. I think it'll be released sometime early 2015. However, even though the Kickstarter donations are over. If you feel like donationing, you can do so through pay-pal, to continue to support them. Their last stretch goal they've yet to fulfill is increased resources for mod support. That's not crucial, of course, but it'd be pretty awesome to have. So, if you want to, support an awesome, epic game; but if not, that's cool to, as long you spend a little bit of time just looking at wait the game is about.

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