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Let's Hear It For Andy

Damn fine bloke if you ask me.

I Admit It

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Well, Andy seems to be a broadminded, tolerant scholar who is sufficiently confident in his strategy of letting his site self-regulate and take its natural course.

The forum does seem to be improving somewhat with topical issues slowly replacing petty bickering and personal insults.

If the trend continues the site will once more become an arena for genuine debate.

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Thanks for noticing. I have been cleaning up the spammers. Over the last six weeks I have deleted 8000+ spam accounts as well as over 4000 debates. I am almost to the point where I am able to clean all the new spam each day. I have also asked my developer to add some additional measure to prevent spamming. I have also been deleting duplicate accounts as I find them.

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What the fuck is going, on? Have you been, shrooming?..........................................................................

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What the fuck is going, on? Have you been, shrooming?

I never shroom on a full stomach.

How are you dear?

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I'm alright. I have been watching sermons, and documentaries, about Yeshua, and other people, places, and things.

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