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Our Nazism is different Lib bigotry oozing out pores
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Our Nazism is different

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Lib bigotry oozing out pores

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Hello H:

If religious business owners can REFUSE to do business with gays, WHY can't a religious business owner REFUSE to do business with a Trump supporter???

If religious freedom is GOOD, then it's GOOD for everybody.. Of course, you don't like the bar owners religion.. So?


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KikiTheSquid(22) Disputed
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But they can't refuse to do business with gays. The Christians have lost these cases. Was it not you claiming the people on here were uninformed?

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Christatar(5) Clarified
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There are a few things to realize between the guy kicking a MAGA hat wearing customer out of his bar, and the refusal and referral of a service due to the matter being a violation of your religious ethics.

First of all: I'm a libertarian and if the bar belongs to the guy who hated the MAGA hat being worn in his place of business, then he absolutely has the right to decide who he does business with and who is welcome on his private property. He doesn't even need to give him a reason why, just GET OUT! The customer isn't entitled to service at this guy's bar, a transaction in the free market requires both parties to consent, and if he is not welcome on the premises he is then trespassing. Now, having said that...assuming this unwelcome MAGA customer wasn't causing a disturbance, being rude or disrespectful or creating any other type of hostile situation, the move to kick this guy out for personal political feelings over a customer's hat is kind of a dick move...just because he was within his rights to refuse service to whom ever he wants, doesn't make it right or justified.

Now pivoting to the Christian baker that refused to make a 1) WEDDING CAKE for a 2)LESBIAN WEDDING when it is NO SECRET that the CHRISTIAN BIBLE HAS FOR OVER 2000 YEARS TAUGHT THAT HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS REBELLION AGAINST GOD, and by extension a homosexual marriage (since marriage is the permanent monogamous union between one man and one woman both making an oath to each other and to God) The baker then knowing that she would be using the fruits of her labor to contribute support for such an event that she knew would be displeasing to God refused. When she had refused after clearly stating it was a violation of her religious beliefs and not because of a petty reason like that of the bar owner, she then to be helpful, offered numerous referrals to other bakers that would gladly provide a cake. The very fact that she extended all the help she could shows her professionalism and shows that she wasn't boiling with homophobic contempt for the customers being lesbian. However, it then became apparent that the couple wasn't interested in locking down a cake for their special day, they sued under the pretense that they WERE ENTITLED TO THE TRANSACTION AT HER PLACE OF BUSINESS WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Rather than throw them off of her property, which like the bar owner, she had every right to do, she had to endure being soaked on a lawsuit judgment against her, which led to closure of her business, and be told by a judge of the law that he wasn't going to abide by the Constitution that he swore to uphold which clearly prohibits the law from forcing a citizen to act in violation of their religious beliefs.(1st Amend) She also had to experience the unethical extortion by the government to pay the couple damages which implicitly was saying SHE IS COMPELLED TO GIVE CONSENT TO CONDUCT A TRANSACTION AT HER PRIVATELY FORMERLY OWNED BUSINESS . The dick move in this case, the couple, being so proud of themselves, took a victory lap, by reporting to the media their triumph in successfully wielding the strong arm of illicit government coercion to bring a local baker to her knees on top of the shambles of what was formerly her livelihood. But hey at least they had an all expense paid honeymoon to celebrate.

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