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Liberal Germany has refugee camps. Are they Nazis?

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No. A refugee camp is not an internment camp where they separate families for "showers" …. or just to punish them!

So few people are left that KNEW what Nazis WERE that we are left with those that THINK they know what Nazis were. They were inhuman followers of an inhuman bastard! "If we ignore history, we are bound to repeat it!" Truer words were never spoken! Look around … we are repeating it!

RavensBeak(287) Disputed
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I do truly wish that Obama hadn't handed those internment camps off to Trump.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Crazy AL you throw the Nazi word about for those that don't agree with u Socialist

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Internment of Japanese Americans. ... The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II was the forced relocation and incarceration in camps in the western interior of the country of between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, most of whom lived on the Pacific coast.

Was the above done under a Progressive POTUS ??????????????????????


The only reason that the Japanese were gathered up and moved and placed into controlled living quarters until the war with Japan was over is because they very recently arrived immigrants.

This is the only reason. Had they not been very recently arrived immigrants and had the USA not gone to war with Japan - they never would have been relocated and asked to stay in one safe location until after the war was over.

Thousands of Italians as well were gathered up and moved and relocated here in the USA a and placed in a comfortable, sanitary, nice, and caring, respectfully assisted environment and placed into controlled living quarters until the war with ITALY was over.

There, they had free healthcare, free medications, free everything just handed to them. Free entertainment, free food. Massive amounts of goodies, candy, popcorn and fun and games and clean water and nice soap and love, affection and kindness.

After the war, the Japanese and Italians were given free homes, free cars, free business grants and all sorts of free stuff.

There are still these same Italian and Japanese businesses today who exist today " now " that was created by the US government giving groups of Italians and Japanese communities free grant money after the war to start a business.

These businesses are still getting tax breaks today for being a government associated, a government-funded taxpayer-funded grant supported account.

We do not know what all goes on behind the scenes where the governments have flung, tossed and just dumped out the Americans hard earned money to support the millions upon millions of immigrants who come from locations of the world where their family members back home are enemies of the USA.

Today - The politicians love to funnel, filter and sift Your tax money through their government system to provide free " EVERYTHING " for every single last immigrant that they can possibly get across the border and into a SPECIAL Muslim, Japanese or Italian or Mexican Government funded CAMP or " NEIGHBORHOOD " or community in order to profit and make extra money by getting paid to count and handle and hand out Your tax money to anyone who is an immigrant.

The Japanese and Italian camps were very comfortable, cozy and healthy and every single last need and desire of those Newly arrived immigrants were met, With full reimbursement for all losses completely reimbursed.

Every single Muslim immigrant today has access to Your bank account.

Pay Your taxes and Obama will charge You to gather, count, handle and distribute Your own money into the immigrant communities, camps and housing neighborhoods across the planet.

We even pay our enemies to not attack us. The Liberal Democrat politicians will rob every penny You make in order to generate profit for their comforts and pleasures.

They are not Pro-Choice - They are thieves and Anti-Choice.

The disgusting Liberal Democrats are today working with immigrants and convey the message that if immigrants around the world simply build themselves a concentration camp and check themselves in, then American taxpayers will fund their every pleasure, joy, and desire.

As they pretend to be victims.

Nearly 6 million Jews were starved to death and died of diseases and torture and were gassed and burned - They were tortured to death in torturous experiments with no anesthetics and they were raped and beaten to a bloody pulp and died and forced to live in germ, lice and plague and diseases infested camps where even the Nazis and Italians soldiers were afraid to enter because of the massive death rate, dying of infections in agony pain and beyond any brutal humiliation that can even be imagined.

After the Jews were liberated and freed many of them died from just sitting down and just eating a normal basic freaking meal because they had been starved for years on end. And their bodies could not handle the full meal.

While people pretend that immigrants who come to America have been mistreated.

What a demented, twisted and perverted joke and an unspeakable lie that has been PROJECTED by immigrants who come from enemy territory. Who were brutal, evil and barbaric.

They do not even have reservations set up for the original natives who are overrun by immigrants in their own lands. They simply exterminate them, enslave them all and move on to new territory.

This is why we went to war with Italy and Japan and Germany and Mexico, Vietnam, Korea and Catholicism and Islam.