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Liberals become more conservative when they drink. Why?


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Shit happens

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Because their natural instincts start overiding their brainwashed programming.

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From the piece-

"Or perhaps it’s because social liberalism is more acceptable in polite society, and many of us are more right-wing than we let on."

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Drinking helps Liberals forget how they support dismembering viable unborn babies.

No Restriction abortions shows the true character of Liberals. It flies in the face of their hypocritical claims of being tolerant and inclusive for vulnerable human beings.

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It murders innocent brain cells who begin living at conception >=)

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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SCATMAN what is up with this ?????????????????

Two families were left reeling by the loss of their teenage children over the weekend in stabbing attacks as new figures showed a 93% increase in the number of young people targeted by knives.

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Liberals become more conservative when they drink. Why?

Because drinking turns people into fucking idiots.

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DarthPrime(58) Disputed
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Drinking brings out who you really are & kills your desire to be fake.

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