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• Democrats support no restriction abortions!

• ...but her emails!

• Hogwash!

• Jesus love're going to burn in hell!

• You fools!

• You spew lies and deception as always!

• Anti-Christian bigots!

• Republicans can do no wrong!

• Democrats can do no right!

• I masturbate to Donald Trump!


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That's not "backfiring", that's addressing the issue. It's not a partisan issue.

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A lot of the #metoo cases demonstrate that women are not built for these kinds of bullsh*t, shallow, hook-up relationships with virtual strangers--contrary to what feminism (and 21st century modernity) has argued. Rather, they long for trust, safety, & security that is only found in deeper, more meaningful relationships with people (men) they know well. The reason they often feel abused afterword is because the "quickie with a stranger" relationship goes completely against nature. That is, in nature, if that happened to a female mammal, they were in fact given a raw deal. This is not going to change as long as we still have human bodies (i.e. are grounded in the human condition). Likewise, for men/young men, there is a powerful lesson to be had--not to "run around with" girls you do not know well.

There is my two cents.

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