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Liberals love Capitalism, yet want to destroy it. What?


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Well, we all remember so many Liberals telling us how they would leave this hideous capitalistic nation if Trump won?

It seems they are once again complete liars, what a shock.

They love capitalism with all it's benefits, but want our future children to live in poverty after their socialistic utopia is fulfilled.

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Well, sometimes you have to destroy what you love, I guess.

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Hello bront:

I'm a lib.. I LOVE capitalism. Not unfettered capitalism, though.. If DESTROYING capitalism is making them obey rules like don't throw your trash into our rivers, then I'm ON BOARD..


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If Capitalism was destroyed, we'd become a third world country. Maybe that's what Liberals think they want. Of course if they had to actually live in a third world country, the snowflake generation would commit mass suicide.

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Hello bront:

I'm here to debate YOU, not some right winger on youtube who won't argue back... You got NOTHING.. You're an EMPTY head dress.. You got NO wampum..


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Then debate me. I've destroyed the leftist videos on another debate site because they make no sense and rarely do. I can say ver batum what the video says, rather than post it. Would it make you feel better if I were a plagiarizing parrot? If the video is wrong, you'll easily point it out, and I will debate against what you say or won't. That's the point of the video, to start a discussion. If you can't logically oppose what it says, that tells us everything we need to know. It means you have an indefensible position.

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