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Libertarians are better Liberals are better
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Liberals vs Libertarians

Libertarians are better

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Liberals are better

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I'm always on this side. The world is a better place when you're centered. :-)

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So far, Liberals (who are currently in office) have failed to legalize gay marriage, prostitution, or marijuana.

Libertarians would at least legalize all of these things if in office. And, they're against wealth redistribution and so much of the unnecessary spending that liberals do.

as for marriage, they would actually just eliminate it as a government institution and enact rights through civil unions only.

Libertarians are against strict gun laws while Liberals are for strict gun laws. Libertarians are against all forms of censorship while liberals are for the "Fairness Doctrine" and Political Correctness in general.

Side: Libertarians are better
Sitara(11089) Disputed
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Libertarians do not support healthcare rights .

Side: Liberals are better
Ledfoot(133) Disputed
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Liberals....Libertarians...psh, im voting Librarians ;)


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Woah, check out the debate stats. Imma genious, I write like a 22nd grader.

Side: Liberals are better

This is silly. The two are not mutually exclusive. They are both part of overlapping dichotomies:



Libertarian-------- Authoritarian

you can be a Liberal Libertarian --> Dennis Kucinich

or a Conservative Libertarian --> Ron Paul

or a Liberal Authoritarian --> Obama

or a Conservative Authoritarian --> Bush

get it?

Side: Libertarians are better

I'll way in on this side. mainly cause it should piss someone off ;)

Side: Libertarians are better
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Liberals support health care rights .

Side: Liberals are better