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Libs said withdrawling hundreds of thousands of troops was good but...

Now withdrawling a few thousand is bad. Couldn't have predicted that.🤷🏻‍♂️

That's what they do

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Trump no donkey

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Yep! When we withdrew hundreds of thousands of troop from Europe in the 40's, it WAS good. When we withdrew hundreds of thousands from Korea, it was PROBABLY good. When conservatives withdrew hundreds of thousands from Viet Nam, it wasn't so good. When we withdrew only thousands from Iraq … it was in signed agreement by the recent conservative President who had said "mission accomplished" and signed it over to his choice of Iraqi leader who had said: Any American killing an Iraqi, henceforth, will be incarcerated and tried." (paraphrasing, of course). That wasn't "good". Since then … where have we had "hundreds of thousands of troops" to "withdrawl"??

Anyway, it was a diplomatic Christmas gift FROM THE CONSERVATIVES to PUTIN, and nothing to do with libs". Obviously WE didn't like it and could only say WTF!???? We couldn't even find a "Mad Dog" that liked it!!! :-)

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screw off you retard, it makes me sick that you are american, youve been spewing nonsense all this time you dont have an actual debate you libtard fag

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Let's have some fun with AL being the IDIOT it is !!!!!!!!!!!

After 8 years of combat in Iraq, the United States Congress remains divided over the need for U.S. troops in that country. The president's official announcement today that the remaining U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year drew praise from Democrats.Democrats largely praised the decision as a promise then-Senator Obama made while campaigning for President."I commend the President for a promise made and a promise kept," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. Pelosi said the move honors "the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement and the wishes of the American people to bring all our troops home by the end this year."

WASHINGTON — Against the advice of many in his own administration, President Donald Trump is pulling U.S. troops out of Syria. Could a withdrawal from Afghanistan be far behind?

Trump has said his instinct is to quit Afghanistan as a lost cause, but more recently he's suggested a willingness to stay in search of peace with the Taliban. However, the abruptness with which he turned the page on Syria raises questions about whether combat partners like Iraq and Afghanistan should feel confident that he will not pull the plug on them, too.

"If he's willing to walk away from Syria, I think we should be concerned about whether Afghanistan is next," Jennifer Cafarella, the director of intelligence planning at the Institute for the Study of War, said in an interview Wednesday.

What is the CONFUSION there AL ????????????????????

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