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Life is a sexually transmitted, terminal disease

If you're infected with life, you will die.  No one has survived life yet.  It's a very slow death.  The disease usually starts when some man tells some woman that he has the cure.  An anti-biotic that needs to be administered by a beef injection.  It's OK if taken orally but otherwise, it infects some poor unsuspecting soul with life.  That soul will eventually complain, "Hey, I didn't ask to be born!"  It's all very tragic.  ;)


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Wait..., what? No!

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Let me put it this way:





Best I could come up with right now.

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Wow, never looked at life that way before. So technically, I am a sexually transmitted terminal disease, going on with my daily life, until one day I get together with an another sexually transmitted terminal disease to have a baby disease. Glad I have lots of time before that happens, because I am not sure how I am going to feel about having a disease baby.

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THis is an outrage!!!

And by the way, perfect argument for abortion. Just saying. XD

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perfect argument for abortion


Doctor: "I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you but you have a terminal disease."

Patient: "Oh dear! What are you going to do?"

Doctor: "I'm going to administer a deadly cocktail of barbiturates."

Patient: "But won't that kill me?"

Doctor: "Yeah, but you're going to die anyway."

Patient: "Yeah, but what if I want to live a little longer?"

What is it about this disease called life that people would want to prolong it?

Just asking ;)

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What? Me? Outrageous? How is that possible ; )

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Lol, I have not a clue at all.


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perfect argument for abortion


Doctor: "OK little fetus. We're gonna cure you now."

What do you think? Does it work ;)

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This is ridiculous. Clearly life is a terminal disease that infects at birth. Therefore, it is a genetic disease not sexually transmitted

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Clearly, you have to have SEX in order to produce a life. (Or test tube babies). You have to get genes from both parents somehow.

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I think it infects at conception..., but that's just me ;)

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Argument 1: Sexually transmitted? That implies that if you have sex, you will die in life, and many a sad man hath died a virgin.

Argument 2: People have lived without dying.

1. Enoch - See Genesis 5:21-24

2. Elijah - See 2 Kings 2:1,11; Hebrews 11:5

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