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Like pandemics do, this one changed the world. Should the US get on board?


The world is NOT the same whether we like it or not. 

Politics, pandemics, and war has caused a world wide mass migration the likes of which has not been seen since WWII.  Is it business as usual here in the US, or will we DO our part?

I'm reminded of the SS St. Louis, the ship full of Jewish refugees nobody wanted, including us, who we sent back to Germany to face certain death..


Yes, of course

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Nahh. Keep it the SAME

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Change is inevitable, just as was stated before. But this indication from your OP makes it seem like the US is doing nothing at all. Which is an illogical stance to take, all things considered. Seeing as the US is doing more than enough in most instances. That, or we're simply stuck asking that some of these other countries that keep crying for handouts from us. To simply take responsibility and fix these issues themselves.

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Mongele(643) Clarified
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Yes sirree Bob, the begging bowls are always pointing towards the good old easy-touch United States of America.

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One only wishes that some of these countries would experience their own cultural revolutions. Toss out their dictators, and go back to some form of civility/normalcy.

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Change is inevitable ;)

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On this issue I'm in agreement with the policies of such nations as Japan, China, Russia, Australia and North Korea and restrict any immigration to those people whose professions and skills the country needs and for which there are immediate employment opportunities.

Accepting millions of mindless low-lives seeking benefit dole-outs will only add to the growing hordes of beggars, idlers, Street People, violent criminals, committed terrorists and those who will be radicalized and become terrorists.

It's so self-satisfying for the sanctimonious virtue-signalers to claim the moral high-ground and bellow from the roof tops about the poor down-trodden gypsies who need shelter.

NONSENSE, let the wandering nomads stay in their own countries and work hard at rectifying whatever is wrong instead of coming to America for a free-ride.

Those early settlers who pioneered a rough and uncivilized America had to endure truly awful hardships, but they nevertheless doggedly persevered and turned America into the greatest nation on earth.

It would be an unforgivable betrayal of all American citizens to permit this great country to be contaminated with the dregs of the failed nations of the world.

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Most European nations such as Germany and the U.K., have long since recognized that so called, multiculturalism doesn't work and have imposed strict immigration restrictions on those knocking on their doors.

In some cases, as with Sweden, ''too late was the cry'' as the immigrants have appropriated large zones of this nation's towns and cities that are NO GO AREAS for Swedish citizens and the regular police force.

Within these immigrant only localities crime flourishes and Sharia Law takes precedence over the law of the land.

The Swedish electorate wanted DIVERSITY, and this is what they got.


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It’s not our fault that Latin Americans are Catholic and breed like rabbits (even when life is shitty). The Pope is who you blame. If America don’t take care of its own - we will be third world.

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Mongele(643) Clarified
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Yeah, it would be interesting to know when people started thinking that they could relinquish responsibility for their own lives and pass the results of their reckless frivolity onto others.

The Roman Catholic Church is probably one of the world's biggest contributors to human misery by forbidding birth-control measures and promoting the religious creed of having enormous families whose parents cannot afford to support financially.


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