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True continuous chain of kinds No, God did it - here's how
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Limiting variation within biblical kinds is unsupported

Premise 1: The bible describes land and water animals as different "kinds" (Genesis 1:20-25)

Premise 2: Kind(Coelacanths)=Kind(Eusthenopteron) and Kind(Eusthenopteron)=Kind(Panderichthys) and Kind(Panderichthys)=Kind(Tiktaalik) and Kind(Tiktaalik)=Kind(Acanthostega) and Kind(Acanthostega)=Kind(Ichthyostega) and Kind(Ichthyostega)=Kind(Tolerpeton) - (I created a sub-debate for each one in case you would like to provide some definition for "kind" where Kind(A) is not the same as Kind(B))

Conclusion: Kind(Coelacanths)= Kind(Tolerpeton) and the biblical use of kinds is not supported

True continuous chain of kinds

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No, God did it - here's how

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For the longest time I was a believer in theistic evolution. However, the theory is supported by whimsical beliefs and a book that was forced to be taken out of context. Darwin set out to support intelligent design with proving evolution of species. The publishing company forced him to have a more conclusive book ending so he then set out to say the common ancestor but it was only a few sentences and has no support.

My challenge to you is can you show a fossil record transition of all these?

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The premises above are not dependent on Darwin's book - you are free to dispute either one of them...

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