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 List scientific claims to be 100 percent truth! (11)

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List scientific claims to be 100 percent truth!

For example, science claims gravity is there, and it is obvious gravity, whatever it is, is existent. My question is name off other existences within the scientific realm that without a doubt can be said to be true. GO!

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We have a deformed vertebrae located on our coccyx that used to have a tail hanging from it. It was evolved through time, after we left the trees.

Some children are still born today with a little tail from the coccyx.

It is shockingly undeniable, and I suggest people who don't believe in Evolution should get with the times, because you are making yourself look retarded. ;)

LegoTheAnima(1) Disputed
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Actually, the coccyx in no way has to be a left-over tail.

The children who are supposedly born with tails...well, they aren't.

This is merely the spinal column protruding from the child's body, ( ) and is incredibly harmful, if not inconvenient, to the child.

The belief that our Coccyx is the leftover of a tail is not supported by biology, in fact, if the coccyx was not just the way it is now, our pelvic muscles, as well as our internal organs, wouldn't be anchored and supported, causing serious physical harm to us humans. (

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As you can see above, no real scientist lists anything as 100% true no matter what, with no exceptions. Mostly everything CAN be proven false by other facts and contradictions. If those contradictions don't exist, then it is maintained as fact.

There are varying degrees of truth and certainty that differ from person to person.

However, some things that are generally regarded as fact is that gravity exists, that life exists, that atoms exist, that light exists, that stars exist and other basic facts.

However, if you truly want to dig into this, then you must admit that you cannot know anything for sure.


You must first make one assumption about reality, and that is that it is real, rather than a matrix or dream or something. If you say reality is not real, then you are going no where in life. Once you make the assumption that reality itself is real, then you can from there say that your senses are generally correct. Not always, but often, they will guide you. From there, all else can be observed with reasonable accuracy.

The scientific method helps with that. Otherwise, there is little that science can confirm 100% for sure. A good theory is falsifiable.

How do you falsify evolution? Find proof of a creator creating advanced life from nothing. Bam, evolution is done for. Or, if you cannot do that, prove that genetic mutations don't or can't happen. Don't just state it with logic. Prove it in real time.

It is possible to prove these things wrong, and that's why science can be trusted far more than dogmatic myth, religion, the supernatural and superstition.

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Scientists claim that Evolution is a fact .

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And that is their opinion.

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Yep that's true because its their opinion where as we as Christians have different opinions on it but it doesn't bother me anyway.

that consciousness drives us, and not the brain driving consciousness

this is what quantum physics is saying so.... it has to be 100 percent truth, does it honestly make sense that a whole bunch of atoms came together and formed our brain and formed consciousness?

I think atoms are conscious themselves, and i believe in verying degrees of consciousness

So while this may not be 100% fact now..... it will be :P

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All the laws of science .

Lynaldea(1231) Disputed
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Wrong! Not all of the laws of science are truth, try again.

Science doesn't ever declare absolute truths. It does, however, tell us how things work/why things happen using a reliable system that results in accepted truths through constant results of experimentation. Like gravity. Science doesn't say: that ball WILL drop. It is fact. No. Science says: based on consistent results we can resonably predict that the previous results will replicate themselves due to the same conditions. It's as close to saying it without saying it.

So to respond to your demand directly. There are none.

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Nothing. . . . .

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