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 LittleMisfit is a sweetheart. (34)

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Sitara(11082) pic

LittleMisfit is a sweetheart.

I am starting a new habit where I call positive attention to positive people. Thank you LittleMisfit for being nice to me.

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You're welcome

Omg and is like a freaking debate god. He blew my mind with his intense logic. He understands too much to be on earth. Im gonna recommend we use him to fix everything lol.

Del1176(4967) Disputed
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IF he is the debate god I am the debate Satan.

1 point

Nope. Your a debate-demi god from ancient greek mythology. Yep it clearly says "Prodigee the son of Hades, demi god of debates" on a stone tablet.

Mingodalia(195) Disputed
1 point

Littlemisfit isn't a debate god. He or she refuses to even debate the better debaters out of fear.

KrutonHybrid(71) Disputed
1 point

He or she refuses to even debate the better debators out of fear.

You literally can't even spell debater, you stupid fuck. You don't post here because you have any skill at debating. You post here because you have a disproportionately large ego and a series of debilitating mental problems.

1 point

Littlemisfit sent me child pornography on a pm.......................

1 point

Awww. That's so nice.

I do enjoy debating to LittleMisfit, s/he usually brings links and facts to their debates and has some good opinions on things.

OmegaPan(703) Disputed
1 point

She he sent me pics on pm of adult male donkeys having sex with child midgets.

Mint_tea(4646) Disputed
1 point

I'd suggest never opening links. XD