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Lockdown Boon or Bane

We all are in a lockdown. Everybody think different wats ur thgt?


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America wiped out ........... boon or bane?? :-(

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America wiped out ........... boon or bane??

That's a definite boon. At least it is if you live anywhere else in the world other than America.

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For decades, America has been working on technology that would allow us to spy on and blow up shit remotely from the comfort of our home ;)

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Lockdown Boon or Bane

Hello S:

If we wear masks and stay home, the pandemic will END in 10 days.

Fact is, the virus can't live outside our body for long periods of time, and they don't travel very far in the air. Therefore, if there's nobody close to you, the virus will DIE, and it'll be all over.

Yup. Pretty simple. Ain't science great, or what?


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Fact is, the virus can't live outside our body for long periods of time

That can't be a fact because you have not even stipulated what you mean by a "long" period of time. Furthermore, your post assumes (incorrectly) that the only method of transmission is aerobic. Ignoring the fact that it is impossible in our present way of life for everybody to stay indoors all of the time, then the virus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days.

Your theory that people just need to stay at home for 10 days and then everything goes back to normal is directly refuted by the facts. It will slow the spread and eventually turn the tide in our favour, but it isn't as simple as you are pretending. The way society is structured is what makes this situation so dangerous. We all shop at the same supermarkets. We all use the same gas stations. We all draw cash out from the same ATM machines. We all use the same trains and planes to get to our destinations.

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