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Lol! Ted Bundy Was A Fully Dedicated REPUBLICAN

During a trip to California on Republican Party business in the summer of 1973, Bundy rekindled his relationship with Brooks, who marveled at his transformation into a serious, dedicated professional who was seemingly on the cusp of a distinguished legal and political career.


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Hey ghost. Is this your idea of political debate? If so, you might want to consider another hobby. Something you could be good at. Like watching grass grow. Actually, you probably do not have the attention span for that. How about watching paint dry? Well, even fast-drying paint might be too much of a challenge for you. Don't worry. I'll think of something.

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John Wayne Gacy was a democrat. What's your point? If it is your desire to implicate political beliefs in criminal activity, you'll have to do better than this. Especially since most assassinations, attempted assassinations and mass shootings are committed by democrats.

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Well now you are one educated troll but your head is up your ass so trying to figure that out would take a sliding rule to confirm the outcome !!!!!!!!!!

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Has the TROLL any knowledge of TED BUNDY ?????????

Of course not but can you defend a SERIAL KILLER there BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't care. Both parties have their issues. Besides, liberals have bigotry too, you know.

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