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 London is the acid attack hot spot of the Western world (1)

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London is the acid attack hot spot of the Western world

The number of violent corrosive liquid offenses surged from 66 in 2012 to 752 in 2018.
That is a sharp rise in attacks in recent years with 616 recorded in 2017, up from 461 the previous year, 348 in 2015, 178 in 2014 and 159 in 2013.
One of Britain’s leading criminologists said: “London has sadly become the acid attack hot spot in the western world.”
Dr Simon Harding, associate professor in Criminology at the University of West London, said criminals had turned to acid because it is cheap, easily available and instills fear in both rivals and the public.

Do you Brits got you some kinda Acid Ban in place ?
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No need to have a gun or a knife in the UK all you need to carry is a corrosive liquid.