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Lord of the Flies

So I read the SparkNotes summary of Lord of the Flies the other day.  The book apparently paints a pretty bleak picture of humanity.  Do you think its message is accurate?  That humans are (with a few exceptions) savage, murderous creatures held in check only by the laws of society?


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There was a time when I would've disagreed with the message of this book. But slowly I'm beginning to accept it. I find that as my opinion of humanity gets lower and lower the world starts making more and more sense.

This book shows just how important government is in keeping our darker impulses from tearing apart everything we care about.

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Well, I think that humans with their real nature are full of lust and greed.

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The book and movie certainly does explore violent human nature. When the kids resort to violence after they form their own way of control, a nasty picture of violent humanity is painted.

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I recently read lord of the flies. to me is seems that most of the charaters were not savage, just stupid (as most young children are). they were blindly following Jack. There were of course those who opposed him, such as piggy and Ralph, who did they best to remind the younger children what must be done in order for them to be rescued.

If you look at is from a metaphorical perspective, Piggy represents a sane person, jack a misled person, and the young children represents an uninformed public. While there is a man speaking with reason, the one who is speaking more about desires than reason that gets the attenion of the public. the media will focus on people like jack, leaving the good ideas in the shadows.

the book is not my favorite, but it does have a good message; Man's greatess enemy comes from his own ignorance. not that man is evil.

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JusticeSHAEF(8) Disputed
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The characters were indeed savage, but they were not at all stupid. The problem with Ralph and Piggy was the fact that they could not stand up for there cause (the fire for rescue). Ralph was in unfortunate position as Jack already had followers of him ( the choir), therefore Ralph didn't have alot of trust in the beginning. I do agree with you on the media attention though, and its the medias fault for causing problems.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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If man is not evil, then why does the public pay so much more attention to the one advocating desires than the one advocating reason? Why do the younger kids blindly follow Jack instead of blindly following Ralph? You mentioned the media, but the media is only giving people what they want. The media wouldn't succeed in promoting violence unless that's what the public wanted to see.

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following desire over reason is not evil. It is certainly stupid, moronic, and crazy; but it is not evil. second, the reason the children the younger children followed jack was becasue they were scared, as shown by there illusions of a monster. they were looking for a fast answer. Ralphs plan was sensible, but it would take patience. Jacks plan could be enacted right away, dispite being misguided. The childrens fear took over and the made the less smart choice because of it.

and as for the media thing, i have been seeing a lot more postive news reports comeing from different news sources, with the exception of a few.

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