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Love = Sex?



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I love my mom but I´d rather not fuck her

I personally think that sexual feelings are charged in the base and sacral chakra´s (the lowest two) while love is charged more in the solar and heart chakra (the two above the lowest two)

(when I talk about chakra´s Im not getting religious on ya, these are just places in the body where alot of nerves are cluttered together, for one reason or another)

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So aren't you... disagreeing?

I'm confused, but I love the talk about chakras. It's something I'm not too familiar with. I'd love to learn more.

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Well I'm not necessarily disagreeing I think it is very intertwined. If we are talking about Love between lovers and not family, friends or siblings, which obviously is the issue of the debate then I think its hard to have one without the other. For me at least it would be close to impossible.

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Sex can be had without love; love can be had without sex. But love definitely makes sex better.

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totally agree with believeyoume

sex is sex

love is love

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Sex is a wonderful part of loving someone but you don't necessarily have to love someone to have raw sex with them.

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It's not going to bed with someone that tells them you love them. It's getting up to face the world with them.

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List of people/things I feel I might "love" but certainly would not have sex with:

1. mom

2. dad

3. brother

4. sister

5. niece

6. three tortoises and a turtle, Stitch, Tortalina, Donny, and Puppy Chow

7. video games

8. basketball

People I definitely am not in love with, but want to have sex with:

1. every stripper at Treasures, Rick's, Cheatah's, but not Mermaids, because they're not exactly high quality over there

2. this coctail server I saw during the last UFC

3. Angelina

4. that chick from transformers

5. considering the population, I'm guessing about 500 million other girls around the world

so no, not even close actually

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No, Not always. You don't always have to love someone to have sex with them.

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You usually do not love a hooker and they = sex.

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Not really, but sex is a major player in love, and the strongest part of it in couples.

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Most people say that love means Legs Open Very Easy & in some cases it might be that way but overall love does not mean u have to have sex. It's all about when you feel like you are ready.

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love does not equal sex for in the old soviet union the KGB had special female agents who had sex with high ranking officials from the west just to coax top secret information out of them also a hooker has sex to make money and not for pleasure I believe that if you are going to have sex at least be in love and be committed to a relationship

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Naaah. Sex can be simple, and uncomplicated. Love implies strong feelings of devotion and trust.

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