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MAGA wish list


What will life be like if Trump is never prosecuted, abortion is made illegal across the land, gay marriage and transition are outlawed, police powers are expanded, library's are scrubbed clean of offensive material, and Putin becomes our best friend??

Just askin..



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Looks as if the Chinese could only reboot you not reprogram you

How long shall you carry TDS ? Can you get any medication for the symptoms you are exhibiting?

Now you make reference to abortion you Leftist love so well but are you aware of the fact that 40 percent of African Americans are aborted?

Being you are a African American you agree to 400 out of every 1000 abortions are people of color such as yourself ?

So we can come to the conclusion that you agree with the murder of your people!

Now as for your wish list the men in the military should be wearing dresses that POC you cannot escape because you are not a escape artist oh and by the way might you know who Miss Sanger might be ? If not pick up a history book that does not lean to your perceived views

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Here is a view of something you seem to avoid because that plastic has possibly poisoned your mind in some way that others are not aware of

“Hanoi” Jane Fonda on Friday said pro-life activists and politicians should be murdered for their beliefs on abortion during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

“Besides marching and protesting, what else do you suggest?” Joy Behar queried.

“MURDER.” – Jane Fonda said.

Murdering unborn life does not seem to effect you Leftist and without question "Hanoi"Jane proves the point and to make the point just a bit finer "HANOI Jane" calls for the murder of politicians

Now you want to speak to the fact that the party you support are not murderers ?

DUDE you got no leg to stand on but watching you spin out will be a glorious sight

Try to defend what 'HANOI Jane" said you can't because if you do then you expose yourself as defending a murderer said in her own words

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"BOY" you unbelievably typed these words : " library's are scrubbed clean of offensive material"

Are you that incredibly stupid ??????????

I would say so because you have to be one sick son of a bitch that looks to sexualize small children but you are to unaware to realize that you parrot the party that wants to kill children and when you can't get that done then you so choose to pervert their minds in the sexual pervasion pushed by your party and praised by your party

"BOY' are you the sexual pervert that is so wanted to praised by your party?

Men cannot be Women and Women cannot be Men do you have trouble following science oh yes you do because all you can do is parrot the party lines that is not fiction it is fact and you have made it very clear with the heading of your "Party Post"

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The sexual deviant typed this : " Putin becomes our best friend??"

Hay "BOY" you still living in the world your party presented to you when Killary was a big loser ? No need for me to guess you are a real believer in the lies told to you by the party you choose to follow now that makes you a party sellout

Your party depends on you and you blindly follow along as if that is going to gain you any type of favor with them

News Alert your favored political party don't give a damn about you "Pervert" you so choose to be a pawn in their game and you gleefully play along

Now do you have any explanation as to what your boy Joe is doing about Putin maybe it could be you are looking for Russian interference in the next election and a place to lay blame for your BOY Joe losing

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It will be exactly the same as if Democrats win because the uni-party does what it wants regardless of which party wins.

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