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MLB moves allstar game from minority area to white area 2 appease white leftists

Screw minorities

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I'm an elitist so good

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It's most likely that the MLB was simply taking this opportunity to move to greener pastures. Seeing as the laws where they're heading, were almost identical to the ones from where they left.

They probably used it as pretext to break their contract with the city, and cut ties.

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MLB moves all star game from minority area to white area to appease white leftist

Hello ench,

Really? I don’t think Georgia is a minority area, and I don’t think Colorado is a white area.

What they did do, is move the All Star game from a voter suppression area, to an area where voters are revered. Got anything else?



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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
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You do realize that these two areas have nearly the exact same voting laws correct, and how exactly do you think one is suppression, while the other one isn't?

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Mongele(643) Clarified
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Standard spreading of left-wing fake news from pot-puffing exCON, that is;- ex-con as in EX-''CONVICT''..

Any statement made by an ex-convict junkie should be taken with a DOSE of SALTS.

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Maybe the M.L.B., prudently considered that the game would be safer for both players and spectators alike away from the ever present underlying menace of violence from the minority communities.

We must also be mindful that there may have been 'on-the-ground' intelligence reports that a terrorist attack on the All-Star game was being planned from within the minority community.

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