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 MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid insinuates cover up LMAO!!!!!!!! (7)

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MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid insinuates cover up LMAO!!!!!!!!

On Sunday, during a long rant against Attorney General William Barr, MSNBC anchor Joy-Ann Reid insinuated that the Department of Justice under the Trump administration "might" cover up the circumstances of the death of Jeffrey Epstein.
With out any evidence the Wacko Leftist throws out a CONSPIRACY THEORY !!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Reid must like protecting the PEDOPHILE but is she not all about the CHILDREN ???????????

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Joy Ann Reid is an unbalanced African American and Anti-American propagandist. Perfect fit for MSNBC.

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Who else would the Moronically Stupid Nothing But Commies put on air?

Guess the Wo-man of Color works ! LMMFAO

Rusticus(811) Disputed
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how sweet that both these asshats outlaw60 and Antrim are gone gone gone. good riddance!

thank you for banning them forever

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Any racially motivated innuendos made by a jungle Bunny employee of the fake news trafficking media corporation, MSNBC must be consigned to the sewers without any review .

As soon as I see an innuendo I whip it out.

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She sure dam de funny Bongoess.

I bet she has dem der good old Bongo boys falling out of the trees with laughter back home in Bongo Bongoland.

creamynoodle(6) Disputed
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I'm a paradox

that penetrates you from both sides like a pair of cocks

I'm so aware that I'm aware of what I'm aware of not

Race-baiting Reed, she is a joke. I watch her sometimes and she's just as contemptuously dishonest as Morning Joke's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.