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 MSNBC’s Joy Reid show makes a Huge Blunder (2)

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid show makes a Huge Blunder

MSNBC just made the kind of mistake that you can’t imagine anyone making if they’re aware of current events as an alleged news organization is supposed to be.
But, as she and her panel spoke about the issue, the show ran a graphic that included a picture of Richard Spencer. Except it wasn’t the former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, it was the white supremacist Richard Spencer.

And Democrats act as if they know what is going on. It is laughable how stupid they are.
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When the entire focus of a Progressive fake news show is to spew distorted exaggerated deception towards the GOP, making mistakes is what they are all about.

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MSNBC showed white supremacist Richard Spencer instead of former Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer. Joy Reid later issued an on-air correction.

The Democrat Joy Reid actually sits on it's brain.