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Yes, they are purple No, they're green
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Magical Fuzzy Bunnies from Magical Fuzzy Bunny Land are purple.

Well, the title explains all. My friend and I were on the way to lunch, when, out of the blue, she calls me a 'magical fuzzy bunny from magical fuzzy bunny land'

It probably came from a game we used to play, where you had to say the coolest-sounding most random thing you could think of.

Well, anyway, we got into a debate weither these Magical Fuzzy Bunnies from Magical Fuzzy Bunny Land were purple, blue, polka-dotted, or green. We narrowed it down to purple and green because, of couse, bunnies can't have polka dots, and have you ever seen a blue bunny? They would have a hard time blending into the grass...

Yes, they are purple

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No, they're green

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I Think They Are Both. As In The Girl Bunny May Be Purple And The Male Bunny May Be Green.... Its Just A Thought Though.............. :D Haha.!

Side: Both

Purple ones would have a harder time hiding in green grass, and well come on all grass is green right?; evolution would favor green ones so its likly they are green eh?

Side: No, they're green
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That's sensible-but what is the grass in Magical Fuzzy Bunny land is purple?? What if the grass is purple and green? Hmmmmm???

Side: No, they're green
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No! They're all yellow!

Side: No, they're green