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 Man goes on "Anger-Fueled Stabbing Rampage In California": 4 Dead, 2 Wounded (9)

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Man goes on "Anger-Fueled Stabbing Rampage In California": 4 Dead, 2 Wounded

Over a span of about two hours on Wednesday, a man from Garden Grove, California went on a rage-fueled and what appears to be largely random "stabbing and robbing rampage" that left at least four people dead and two wounded.The suspect, who authorities say is a 33-year-old Hispanic man who lived in an apartment in the Southern California city, was arrested at a 7-Eleven in the nearby city of Santa Ana on Wednesday after police converged on the location.

The suspect was holding a knife and a handgun that he had seized from a security guard he had stabbed repeatedly in the store. The suspect dropped both weapons when confronted by police and gave himself up for arrest.

Leftist is it time for Knife Control laws to be enacted by your Loved Government ???????

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Where are the common sense assault knife laws??? Just how many blades does an assault knife need?

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Hey guys, Nom's annoyed that his wooden leg has been infested with woodworm again so he has unleashed his rampaging hordes of alts to down vote everyone.

The underlying weakness of this site is that dirtballs such as The Nom can decide whose posts are displayed and which ones get down voted into oblivion.

Kinda pointless even bothering trying to participate.

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Antrim you are right. The NOM calls out it's alts but i find it entertaining. Lefty's are not able to handle any attack on them.

Antrim(1286) Clarified
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Hi Outlaw.

If a viewpoint is insufficiently robust to withstand challenges then it isn't worth presenting.

Quashing arguments contrary to your own perspective only serves to highlight the implausible rationale of your stated standpoint.

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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Ignore and ban the hateful fool. His down votes mean nothing. Just hit the + to see your post.

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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I don't mind the fools and i enjoy watching them spin out of control !

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We will see little about this mass killing by the Liberal biased fake news.

It does not play into their banning gun narratives.

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Obviously the attacker was a Hispanic supremacist, and we need stronger knife control.


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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Was the Hispanic an ILLEGAL ALIEN ??????? Do LEFTIST in NEW YORK oppose the making of firearms in their state ????????

Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
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