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I hate math I'm a math person
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what is the point of learning math, I mean a basic math is kool!  But do you really need to know x+7+o+p-2= 17 in "real" life.  Also depend on the job course you want to take!!

I hate math

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I'm a math person

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I'm too damn good at it! D:

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you just need to get harder math. math is way better and is the best.

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I personally like math :D Once I figure out the formula for certain lessons i can easily apply it to my home work and tests :P

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I love math. It is one of my toughest subjects, but I think that it is one of the most important things I can learn, wanting to be an engineer. Sometimes I wonder when I will use things like trigonometric functions and logarithms, but then I go to Engineering class the next day and I see that what we are doing uses this. So, I guess it does depend on your career path, but even if I didn't need to know it I would still like to know it.

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I think maybe the reason that you have to take math in school, even stuff that you don't use in everyday life, is that they don't want people who will do jobs that require math to slip through the cracks. In other words; if you didn't have to do math then lots of people who would become physicists or engineers or whatever would never become those things since they opted out of math at an early age. Sucks for you, I know, but it's better for society as a whole if we don't miss the people with those skills.

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i am a math person because i am better than everyone in my class at math. i love to do math.

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