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Message from the gods iPhone glitch
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Message from the gods

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iPhone glitch

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Take your digital camera, aim your TVs remote control at the lens and press a button while watching the camera's LCD screen. Did you see the infrared beam? Your eye can't detect it but the camera can. If it was an iPhone glitch, then why doesn't the beam go all the way down to the bottom of the picture? Coincidence? I think not ;)

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the gods never lie to us

we must obey or die

the gods love us


it is the glitch is not from the camera or else it would be through the temple

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Everyone knows that iPhones suck. Get an Android phone and you won't have these problems ;)

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Lightning tends to hit the highest objects in the area, and of course, this lighting flash was not without technical and visual aberration from the lens of the iPhone camera.

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