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He's EVIL, EVIL, EVIL A GAY president is COOL
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Mayor Pete is gay.. Libs, like him, of course.. But, I wanna hear from right wingers


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A GAY president is COOL

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My support is based on their stances on the issues, not their lifestyle choice. I'm conservative, so it's an absolute certainty I will not vote for him.


No, he is not evil unless he want's to indoctrinate our children into believing that two men having sex together is a natural normal sexual orientation, and the way our bodies are designed.

You are trying to do what all Lefties do and stereotype how the Right feels about issues.

We don't care how people live their lives as long as they don't shove it down our throats. No one needs to know what two people do in the privacy of their own homes.

Entertainment shows like the Voice, American Idol, etc. etc. love to tell everyone about a singer's sexuality, and condition our children to believe it is a natural normal thing.

IT IS NOT! We want the Left to stop pushing their new PC alphabet of LGBTQ....... and start respecting people's right's to protect our children from being brainwashed by extreme Left wing activist groups who deny the science of biology.

I hope Mayor Pete is not an activist Gay pushing his sexuality onto every American who might not agree with him. In a respectful nation, we need not know whether a person is Gay or Straight. It's no one's business.

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SUPER STUPID you are a PARTY PAWN !!!!!!!!

You REGURGITATE what you are told !!!!!!!!!!!!

What you BELIEVE in is GENDER POLITICS and in your MIND that is all that matters to you.

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SUPER STUPID you had your first GAY POTUS and his name is OBAMA !!!!!! DUMMY reference LARRY SINCLAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd much prefer a gay man who isn't off the rails as opposed to a straight maniac Communist.

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Libs, like him, of course.. But, I wanna hear from right wingers

If libs like him because he is gay, then they’re stupid. If anyone dislikes him for the same, they too are stupid. Right wingers aren’t likely to like him for his political positions, but everyone can pretend it’s because he is gay.

Side: A GAY president is COOL
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Well said... you hit the nail on the head by describing how radically obsessed the Left has become with Identity politics.

Democrats search out a list of activist groups who will fund their campaigns if they promise to play Identity politics. Then Democrats try to paint the Right as hating these groups, and voila! The Left's political strategy for the past decades.

Just remember, according to the Democrat Party, the GOP hates women, Black people, Gays, Transgender, immigrants, Muslims, etc. etc. etc.

The Democrat Party could not care less about Gays, Transgender, Women, poor people, etc. etc.

These groups are merely used as a political strategy.

As you say, who on earth would like someone simply because they are Gay? That would imply they do not like other groups who do not fit into their PC click. Wait a minute, they don't!

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SUPER STUPID do POLE SMOKERS turn you on ???????????????????

Side: A GAY president is COOL