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I like child rapists! Why isn't he in prison????
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Memphis megachurch gives standing ovation to child rapist pastor after he apologizes

WATCH: Memphis megachurch gives standing ovation to pastor after apology for sex assault

I like child rapists!

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Why isn't he in prison????

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Don't you just love the hypocrisy from the Left.

These hypocrites support No Restriction abortions. They support the testing for and killing of Special need's babies, and they have the nerve to judge others who actually admit their sins?


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Dermot(5453) Disputed
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So a child rapist admits his “ sins “ and you find this laudable ?

Bet you would whistle a different tune if it was your kid that was raped you hypocritical wretch

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Antrim(1297) Clarified
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When Pastor Leslie Hale ran off with the ''Innkeeper's wench along with the Church funds to the U.S.A., there were numerous members of his congregation who maintained he was a ''good man''and God would forgive him.

''There are none so blind as those who do not want to see''.

Slight deviation, when Northern Ireland's former First Minister, Peter Robinson stated on the radio that God would forgive his wife Iris for having an affair with a 16 year old male ( a child) how did he know?

Did he and some of Hale's congregation have a chat with God?

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FromWithin(7835) Disputed
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I never said it was laudable you deceptive fool.

You are th barbaric hypocrite who supports the killing of my viable children and you have the nerve to tal about rape and judging others?

So you are ok with people who have answered to their crimes never given a second chance?

I thought the Left were the tolerant ones? The sick part about people on the Left is that they never admit to their barbaric inhumanity.

Barbaric fool hypocrites like you test for imperfections in our viable Special Need's babies, and then support killing them when they are deemed diverse and different.

So you have more problem with rape then taking innocent life. WHAT A FOOL!

I hate both and would never support someone who denies his inhumanity and what he supports or what he has done in his past.

There is this thing called forgiveness for those who admit the evi things they have done. Hypocrites like you refuse to admit your inhumanity.

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Mint_tea(4086) Disputed
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Anyone with an iota of sense will have the nerve to judge someone who is in a high position of moral authority and raped a CHILD.

I'm glad he is upset at what he did and trying to make amends. Perhaps he can donate some money and time to places that help children deal with trauma like that, just apologizing isn't enough.

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FromWithin(7835) Disputed
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You support the barbaric Democrat Party who support testing for and killing viable Special Need's babies for merely being diverse and different.

You have the nerve to judge others for their sins? Do you even have a clue of your sins?

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Atrag(5497) Disputed
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Get a life Hellno .

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HyperComm5(29) Disputed
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Such irrelevance you know women used coat hangers and swallowed poison pills when Abortion wasn't legalized. It starts with the mothers, it is the changing in lifestyles and technology (and inflated economy) that have induced women to have less and thus abort more often not that it is illegalized.

Far more advanced methods of Abortion will thus be created even IF Abortion is Illegalized.

Thus there is no point in opposing abortion. We derive the age-old moral-less but inelastic societal outcome. "If I don't sell them the product somebody else will"

To stop this isolate your focus on WOMEN having Abortions. Not the legality of the manner as determined by outside forces. (Legality means nothing if you look at history, and self-reflection is the best factor).

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FromWithin(7835) Disputed
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Let me respecfully say HOGWASH!

When abortion ws illegal, there were not MILLONS of women using coat hangers, or going down dark alleys to take an innocent life.

Millions of unborn lives were saved when it was illegal. But of course these lives mean nothing to the likes of you. Your only concern is for your own convienence, and your own pocketbook.

Now do what all pro choicers do and fall back on your ludicrous excuses of "extreme case abortions". The ones that no one is denying. Both sides are supporting extreme case abortions, so there is no need for coat hangers!

Tell us about some hypothetical scenario of a teenage girl who was raped, got pregnant, and would die from complications if not allowed to have an abortion.

Never talk about the facts that the vast majority of abortions are done for mere convienence!

Never admit how the Left will never compromise and stop convienence abortions, because that would make your entire argument laughable.

The Democrat Party and the Left supports NO RESTRICTION abortions and those are the facts.

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He's not in prison for the same reason that Iris Robinson ( see my clarification to Dermot) is still brazenly flaunting about.

It's the same all over the world, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

The 17 year old secured a massive 'start up' loan from a local government department with which Iris Robinson was associated.

Having sexual relations with a minor as well as being instrumental in having 10s of £1000s public funds directed towards an unproven naive youngster without any charges being brought.

Whether it's the U.S.A., Timbuktu or Castlereagh the same two tier rules apply.

One lot of laws for Jo Public and another for the Bible Thumping Politicians.

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Hello R:

Last night at the Golden Globe awards, the country started to move AWAY from sexual assault.. Now, we see a bunch of supposed Christians who're FOR sexual assault..

Of course, President Trump is FOR sexual assault, so how can you blame 'em?


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WHY ISNT THIS GUY IN PRISON seriously ....... this is messed ..

Side: Why isn't he in prison????