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Michael Jordan parts with Nike over its Kaepernick debacle

BREAKING: Michael Jordan Resigns From The Board At Nike-Takes ‘Air Jordans’ With Him

“Michael is a patriot. His father served this country. His grandpappy was raised free by a man who fought for the South. He doesn’t have this hatred for everyone because kids don’t listen to cops. He’s completely against the hiring of a traitor and is taking his shoes elsewhere.”

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The entire story is false. Michael Jordan did part ways with the Nike brand. Stop debating over something that did not happen.

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So Kaepernick is a traitor for engaging in peaceful non threatening protest that cost him his football career but Trump stole the White House with the help of our nations enemy and you worship him like an infallible God.

You’re an idiot AND a traitor.

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Anomally(23) Disputed
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Don't worship anyone.

Libs acted like Obama was Allah himself.

Michael Jordan is black. Go tell him about it.

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DanBongino(106) Disputed
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So Kaepernick is a traitor for engaging in peaceful non threatening protest that cost him his football career

He's not a traitor. He's just an idiot with white privilege emoting.

He had job opportunities. He turned them down wanting to stay in San Fransisco. San Fran let him go, and then those other opportunities disappeared. Like I said, let's face it, the guy's a complete moron.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Rusty says Trump stole the White House ???????? LMMFAO

Dummy tell me how is the falsehood you spew possible ?????????

Hey AL you want to tell me there are 60 million American Russians that voted against Hillary ?? You Leftist have lost what little mind you have left.

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minime2018(2) Disputed
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Think of all the men and woman fighting for our country but he cant even stand for a couple of minutes for those people who died for his and our freedoms..... Think.

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Anomally(23) Disputed
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Fortunately, in this great country of ours, we don't have Constitution FREE zones.

Good. You're cool with me having a loaded weapon on my hip, calling the media the enemy of the people, and the President inforcing border laws.

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TheScarecrow(21) Disputed
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It's operable from sea to shining sea. In my view, publicly CELEBRATING our Constitutional rights is one of the most PATRIOTIC events a citizen can participate in. He is anything but a traitor.

Your exact logic can be applied to the KKK, which is sick.

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