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Michelle Obama Has 1,700-Calorie Burger-and-Fries Lunch.


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Eating healthy doesn't mean you never get to eat any unhealthy food. It means you do so in moderation.

If she eats that for lunch every day she's a hypocrite. If she's had one burger in the last 50 meals she ate then calling that hypocritical is like calling someone who campaigns against alcoholism and has a glass of wine 2 or three times a month a hypocrite.

Which is monumentally stupid.

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When did she say that eating this in moderation is just fine? Never.

Plus, she eats this more than in moderation.

Have you see her big hump, slump, bump and plump?

Big Ass

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gcomeau(536) Disputed
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I'm sorry, so unless she never spelled out a comprehensive list of every food item on the planet with an explanation next to it of the frequency at which it is acceptable to consume it she's not allowed to eat it without being somehow "hypocritical"?

Do you know what that word means? it doesn't seem like you do.

Just answer me one question, do you think that in order to eat healthy that means you must never, ever, eat any food that is unhealthy? EVER? Such that consuming a single burger renders your diet unhealthy? Yes or no?

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Well, she wants to battle childhood obesity. And, she doesn't want to take away our rights to eat fastfood... she just wants to make it harder for us.

Michelle Obama is a dumb cunt. I've come to this conclusion right now. Anyone who still believes in the BMI scale and actually uses it to try to say that obesity is an "epidemic" is a fuckin' retard who clearly hasn't done their research. While we can't say that fatness in it of itself isn't a problem, not enough evidence has been presented to say that obesity is a raging epidemic effecting adults or kids. As well, there is evidence to the contrary. Whether fast food is really that bad for your really just comes down to "are you an over eater or not?" In the documentary "Fat Head", the guy was able to show that eating fast food 3 times a day for 30 days could actually cause you to lose weight and balance your cholesterol, and unlike that faggot Morgan Spurlock, the guy who made the documentary has an entire food log to show what he ate that entire month so that you can verify that he wasn't full of shit.

Politicians and other dumbasses like to make up problems. They look at one or two studies from the people working for them and then decide "well, we need to get involved". Instead of seeing if there really is a problem, they decide to battle imaginary demons, which often create more problems.

The simple solution would be for everyone to just allow people to think for themselves instead of having government regulate personal behavior.

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Well I agree about Michelle but I wouldnt call her names like you have.

What right does she or anyone else for that matter have to tell us what to eat or feed our children. What right does she have to control what they eat at school?

You are totally right about politicians. They butt in where they shouldnt. They think they only know whats best for our children. To think that children can get abortions without parental permission...but that they need that permission to get a tatoo is unbelievable and shows the left learning of those making law. The make up problems...and ignore those that are breaking the law like illegals.......oh don't get me started.

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This is why she has a big freaking ass. She never said that eating this in moderation is ok.


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I don't think it's healthy, but I don't think it's entirely hypocritical. Hence, I will be the one to make a third option.

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Her and her Man Thing are both a disgrace to America anyways. Style and grace are not present with them , they have proved that by their antics and improper behaviors with other Countries and dignitaries.. Living it up on your Taxes !

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Well ya know when ya live in the White can do whatever ya want. Obama is a smoker. There are laws that prohibit smoking there...ya think he smokes?

Michelle is a as say not as I do. She seems to have butted her nose in what my family eats...then she does the opposite. So much for nutrition and the food pyramid eh Michelle....

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