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Microsoft versus Google

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Alot people love google and their spirit, including me. MS got a late start in the Internet and still catching up. However, if you look outside PCs, i think probably MS will win because: a) they are more aggressive and well-organized. I dont know any company can write "acceptable software" better than MS on a consistent basis b) they have more political power c) they are moving to control new important device (home theater, xbox, cell phone...) to diversify their revenues.

In a sense, MS represents "order" (IP rights...) and google represents freedom (open source, open social, Internet...); and that is why alot of people love Google. Yet, I still believe you need to be extremely competitive to win in this world. Just look at US as a nation for a good example....

Side: MSFT
Nikobelia(104) Disputed
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I think Google have shown exactly that you don't need to be extremely competitive to win in the world. They're massively popular just because of the good design of their stuff, and because of that they make a huge profit through hosting advertising alone, and don't need to spend any of it on adverts of their own. If Microsoft is diversifying, Google's doing the same: gmail and google maps are actually innovative, too, whereas moving out of the region of PCs makes Microsoft just look desperate. Open source is growing in power, what with Ubuntu being shipped on some laptops, and Firefox is getting to be more popular than Internet Explorer. I think Microsoft is going down.

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ditimvo(22) Disputed
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I have to say, MS and Google practically offers different key services for end users. MS is strong with MS office and Google is search-machine. They are competing in other potential market but not the core one.

To me, the key to win when you compete in new market (in addition to money, organized structure) is your ability to leverage on your existing customer base. to this end, MS obviously take the lead because you (as far as I remember) have around more than 2 billion PCs and just around 1 billion internet user.

Moreover, average size of Google team is 8 people and the average project life is six months. They are not used to develop gigantic projects with 1000++ engineer. Just look at other projects like G - spreadsheet and gmail, G desktop..., apart from speedy and stable delivery, also searchability, they are not as user-friendly as MS outlook and MS office (can send off-line msg, integrated editing tool)

lastly, apart from financial clout (obviously, more war chest than Google), MS has the ability to direct third party development effort. They can set the standard for industry to follow.

Side: MSFT
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I like companies that say no evil, do no evil (do we hear no evil?). And jack up the internet till you wish you could install 'em in yer brain.

Anyway, I also think that Microsoft is so last decade, even though you gotta hand it to them, they made computer geeks out of a bunch of nobodies.

So I'd pick GOOG. How about you?

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I think in the long run Google will win in the markets they compete in. People are moving more and more to a Software as a Service model rather than wanting to purchase, install, and maintain their software locally. Google harnesses this change and is adapting to it, while Microsoft is still holding on to the old days of desktop computing.

Side: GOOG