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Mila Kunis or Kate Upton?


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Much better than Kate Upton. She isn't a duche and has nice calf's/thighs. Breasts aren't everything. But more importantly she has a great personality and seems fun to be around.

Side: Mila

Kate Upton has more sex appeal, but Mila Kunis is an overall better package.

Side: Mila
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Mila Kunis. In my opinion, Kate Upton's breasts are the perfect size for a slim-athletic build such as hers, and her figure is comparable to Mila's. But I prefer women with darker hair and complexion usually, so I gotta go with Mila.

Side: Mila
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I think she is hot and she comes from Soviet Russia so take that america. But her eyes do freak me out.

Side: Mila
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She's so sexy!

She plays Meg.

She's so sexy!!

She's got that adorable accent.

She's so sexy!!!

She's young and cute.

One more thing...what was it? I can't remember?

Side: Mila
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Going on looks alone, Kate Upton is superior in every single way.

In terms of personality however, this is up to the individual.

Side: Kate
Revolt(201) Disputed
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How are we supposed to judge their personality when we don't know them....personally?

Side: Mila
Del1176(4969) Disputed
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You aren't.

This is why I did not.

Side: Kate

Kate for one simple reason.

Side: Kate
Querbert(204) Disputed
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Side: Mila