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I listened to the four albums of Nicki Minaj. I will break down my thoughts album by album. I considered doing this a long time ago, as I have listened to the full discography of many rappers in order. Before I start I shall list my favorite songs by her.

1) Stupid Hoes

2) Good Form

3) Roman Holiday

4) Dear Old Nicki

5) Only

6) Coco

Pink Friday
When I listened to this album, I felt it was inconsistent lyrically. Much of it sounded amaturish but then she would randomly drop a subtle gem of lyricism. This was her "rappingest" album with the least pop-like songs but oddly I didn't like it the best. I got the feeling she was someone who wasn't a dedicated rapper for very long, but was in a process of learning how to rap and had potential in it. Looking at her background, this was confirmed because she was singing and acting way before she was rapping.

Roman Reloaded
I liked and disliked this album at the same time. I appreciate the quirky flavor of it but grew tired of the heavy pop influence. This is her least rap-like album and was very much a pop album with some rapping in it. Two of my favorite Nicki Minaj songs are on this album, but most of the others were not so impressive or appealing to me personally. I enjoyed looking at the image of the album cover, she looks crazy and seems to stare right into your eyes in an alluring yet threatening way.

By far her most emotional album. She seemed to be revealing her private feelings and "opening up" in a lot of ways to her fans. It balanced rap and pop much better than the other two albums and she improves as both a rapper and singer gradually as the albums progress.

Her all around best album. It is also a return to a rap-centric style in which she advances lyrically yet utilizes her other talents as well. This album I could vibe with all the way through, and I hope her next album is similar but perhaps brings in more weird quirkyness and experimental/risky songs.
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Good Form is a irritating sounding but poetically clever rap track, agree to most of what you said.

Minaj isn't a monster for her lyricism alone, that's never been her true forte (though she is actually very good lyrically, just intentionally dumbs it down at times for the audience's sake). Her forte is strategy in the industry and making nearly every single track a 'hot damn' of some sort.

Aether777(71) Clarified
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I can appreciate her for what she is. At no point did I actually think she was a bad artist in general while listening. I got extremely triggered the first time you talked about her "strategy in the industry" because I wanted to focus on the actual content of her music itself. I don't believe that anything outside of the crafting of music makes you good at music if you know what I mean. Within the music itself though, she shows strategy in the type of songs she makes and how she goes about them so in that sense it I can see how strategy counts as something that increases her stats as an actual artist.

SunTzuv2(53) Clarified
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Good Form is not at all my favourite Minaj song, I hate listening to it for too long it gives me a headache (and most of what you mentioned, including your favourite genres other than rap, esp. metal, come into that for me) you seem to enjoy 'hard on the brain' type of stuff and Good Form is very intricate, it sounds retarded at first and irritating but if you look past that, it's actually got very clever puns and metaphors in it.

This is more the type of Minaj I love, capable to diss while making pure ear pleasing bliss and yet still looking like the 'good one' in the dispute:

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Wow. I can't believe I just stumbled upon a random debate site where everyone is talking about me. Go figure.